Tuesday 9 July – Elizabeth Farm, Parramatta (0035)

This restful homestead hides a dark and stormy past. Built for the young military couple, John and Elizabeth Macarthur and their growing family, Elizabeth Farm has witnessed major events in the growth of the colony. Includes morning tea and bus. Lunch at Parramatta at own expense.
Bus departs: 8.00am

Tuesday, 16 July – Doyles, Watsons Bay (0053)

Delicious lunch at Watsons Bay.
Bus departs: 8.00am

Tuesday, 23 July – IKEA Shopping (0013)

Shop! Shop! Shop till you drop. Lunch at own expenses
Bus departs: 8.30am

Wednesday, 24 July – Whale Watching Cruise and Morning Tea (0075)

Nova Cruises Newcastle. Includes morning tea, cruise and bus. Lunch at own expense.
Bus departs: 8.00am

Wednesday, 7 August – Wyong Art House (0043)

Enjoy at great play called Diplomacy written by John Bell Company. Set in 1944, the play has lots of twists and turns. Brochures are Tours Desk. Includes show and bus. Lunch at own expense.
Bus departure to be confirmed.

Sunday 25 August – Dungog Tea Party (0015)

Morning tea and lunch at own expense.
Bus departs: 7.30am

Thursday 3 October, Chicago at the Capital Theatre Sydney (0073 A Reserve)

MILITARY TATTOO – SATURDAY 19 OCTOBER – Gold 0165, Silver 0115, Bronze 0101 – Includes Bus Travel

Away Trips – see Tours Desk for details

  1. 21 – 24 August: Nan Tien Temple Wollongong & Vineyard Escape
  2. 8 – 10 October: Blue Mountains – Carrington Hotel.

Proposed Trips

  1. Movie bus – Events Cinema, Tuggerah. Show, morning tea and lunch. Date and cost to be advised.
  2. Cherry Picking – Young in November.