Monday and Thursdays from 9.50 am – 11.30 am in the Auditorium.
Hatha Yoga classes – $5.00 for registered club members.

The classes are taught by our teachers who donate their time and skills to the attending students. We endeavour to offer an intermediate-levelled class which caters to the wide “age and skill” range.

Hatha Yoga involves multiple stretching and strengthening poses from standing, sitting, lying down and kneeling starting positions. It also includes breathing exercises plus meditation and relaxation techniques. All of the postures can be modified for beginners or intensified for more advanced students.

We encourage all our students to participate at their own level and enjoy yoga at their own pace. Our teachers guide you through a class with the understanding that if you need to stop and take a break, you are welcome to quietly do so. Students are encouraged to work as hard or be as gentle as they like within their ability and we take care to advise students in such a way so they avoid injury.

Yoga has proven to be a very effective weight-bearing exercise that is both gentle and challenging, which can greatly benefit your overall health and well-being whilst also bringing some inner peace into your day.

Our classes are carried out in a peaceful, relaxed manner with students encouraged to respect “noble silence”. Lighting is kept low, soft music is played and just the teachers (micro-phoned) voice is generally heard.

Bring your own Yoga mat, light blanket and pillow, and come along and enjoy.

Convenor:  Lyn

P:  02 4396 5075
1 Hargraves Street
(facing the Health Department building and Coles)

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