Tai Chi

Welcome to our world of Tai Chi


Tai Chi is believed to have been devised by a Taoist Priest during the time of the Sung Dynasty AD 960-1279.

The Sung Dynasty was considered to be a period of general prosperity, cultural flowering and technological advance.

Tai Chi consists of sequences of very slow controlled movements which are ideally suited to seniors.

Tai Chi assists in the improvement of such things as relaxation, breathing, concentration and general health and well-being.

If you enjoy meeting new friends, having some fun and exercising at the same time then join our Tai Chi Group. No experience needed.

Tai Chi is held in the Auditorium each Monday and Thursday 8:00am to 9:50am.

Cost is only $4.50 per class.

Convenor:  Debbie

P:  02 4396 5075
Email:  toukley50plus@outlook.com
1 Hargraves Street
(facing the Health Department building and Coles)

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